Friday, April 9, 2010

4 Days Later...And a Few Steps Back...

My poor little man has had this darn congested cold for 4 days now and it's showing no signs of improving, and actually this morning I thought he sounded the worst he has. So the "few steps back" part of the title means that he has not been sleeping well at all. The night he got the cold (before he was showing symptoms) he didn't sleep great, then he went back to his waking once during the night, and now we're back to newborn sleeping where he sleeps an average of 2 hours at a time and wakes up. Poor little guy, he's not even hungry when he wakes up, just uncomfortable. We went from sleeping through the night after Lisa's wedding back to the newborn phase. I've tried aspirating from his nose and there's nothing really there, it's all in his throat/upper chest. The humidifier doesn't seem to be working, he didn't have a long nap like he usually does today...I'm at a loss as to what to do. I ran a hot shower and sat with him in the bathroom to get a steam, did some light chest physio on I just wait it out I guess....unless you have any suggestions? I've tried keeping him mostly upright during the day so it's easier on his chest, but he only sleeps for maybe 1/2 hour in the swing. At least he's still smiley as ever and the last couple of days he's actually started "talking" to us, which has been really special. It's almost like he's teething, but I've felt and I can't feel any teeth popping through. He's been drooling a bit more and constantly has his hands in his mouth - which usually means hunger - but not lately. Hmphhh. So mysterious these little babies!

Well, I plan on taking it easy with the boys this weekend. Hopefully Braden will feel much better next week. Speaking of feeling better...Deah is slowly on the mend. She has a chest tube now and they've drained a lot of fluid off, so she is feeling better. We're thinking of her and hoping she can make a full recovery and get home to her kids soon.


  1. Awwwwww I hope he is feeling better soon, and back to his healthy, sleepy little self!

  2. Poor little guy! It sucks being sick as an adult, I bet its even tougher as a little one!! Take care!

  3. Hey Sarah, i don't know if he's still sick but here goes:
    This was advised to me by a mother of 5 - rub menthol/vics/vics baby rub into his feet and then put his socks/sleepers on. sounds wierd but it works WONDERS. and of course it's good on their chest and back as well. Have you tried infant tylenol/advil? And i'd stick with the humidifier - even if it dosen't make a difference for sleep you know it will help him breath easier.

  4. Thanks, Laura. I've heard of the Vicks on the feet too! Seems to be over the worst of it and I'm still using your mom's humidifier at nighttime.


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