Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Braden's First Cold :(

I kept crossing my fingers that somehow with all my hand washing and Lysol spraying that Braden wouldn't catch our colds...but inevitably he did. You'd really never know he was sick because he's still his smiley self, but Jay got him up this morning and said he was coughing (he always coughs a bit on his back when he plays), but more than usual and he sounded congested. Sure enough I noticed the same. It makes sense to me now why he had such a bad sleep night last night! He slept 2 hours, ate, slept 1.5 hours, ate...and then struggled to get 5 hours of sleep as he was coughing and couldn't settle himself with his thumb like he usually does. I was so frustrated as to why he wouldn't settle and sleep because he had no cold symptoms until this morning. Poor little guy! :(

But here he is...happy as always and talking to Mommy!

Speaking of ill people, Deah is back admitted in the hospital with anemia and pneumonia. Prayers for her health would be much appreciated, as well for the rest of the whole family who is making sacrifices in their lives to help her family out.

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  1. :) He is so cute! Sorry he isn't feeling well though!


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