Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Cloth Diapering Addiction

Don't worry. That's not a picture of my stash...but if I ever have a girl, I can see it getting kind of out of control! I won't go that overboard, but there is definitely something addictive about cloth diapering. They come in such cute prints (much more cute for girls, though!) and I just absolutely love using them. I have been very happy with using FuzziBunz for Braden but I got to looking at some other diapers, mostly for their prints...just look!

The first one is a Berry Plush diaper in dalmation print. I ordered one to try it out because it is so cute, plus it is made out of minky material which I absolutely love it is so so so soft! The other prints are DryBees. I know Laura had the cow print one for Luke, I ordered one of their diapers to try it out too. I have learned so much about cloth diapering from my pregnancy message board, there's a group called "The Cloth Diaper Crew" that's been very useful. In fact, I think when we have #2 I will use cloths right from day 1 and just buy cheaper prefold diapers (like the cloth diapers of old) and use diaper covers. They make them specifically in newborn size and the price doesn't look too bad.

Just wanted to rave a bit on how much I love cloth diapering!


  1. i warned you it's addicting!!! I've been building up my 'small' stash for baby number two - whenever that it. i've got 3 of those 'monkey baby' drybees - sooo cute! I've mostly bought the colours butter, sage, and white. I've got a few fuzzibunz, dyrbees, and bum genius... about 10 altoghether. can't wait to use them!

  2. I am reading up and looking in to the different cloth options. It is nice to see your opinion of them!

  3. Until I joined that message board...I had NO idea how many clothing options there were! It's definitely good to do research, and there's lots of websites where you can do "diaper trials" and they'll send you a bunch of different brands to test out.


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