Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sophie the Giraffe

A lot of my girlfriends (with babies, of course) have raved about how invaluable Sophie the Giraffe is. I got one for Christmas from Uncle Steve, and a lot of the girls in my group have been talking that their little ones are taking an interest in Sophie so I thought that I would give it a try today! Low and behold he grasped it and started to suck on it a bit, which is what it's meant for.

I don't have much else to say for today, but I just thought he looked so cute with his Sophie and I had to share the pictures. Also...
Snapped this picture today...Jay's gaming buddies!
I had to include this picture as well in today's post. We were getting things ready for supper in the kitchen and Jay says, "hey....look at that guy!" So I look out our window and there's a male pheasant strutting his stuff up the driveway! Kihei was inside, but I was waiting for Taz to pounce on him, but he never did!

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