Friday, May 28, 2010

Braden is 4 Months Old!

Our little man is 4 months old! That's 1/3 of a year already! The differences I notice from last month are that he's much stronger and can sit up better, he's longer, and has more hair...and was much happier to take his 4 month picture than his 3 month!

Here are Braden's 4 month stats, updated:

Weight: 13 lbs 14.5 oz
Length: 25"
Head: 42 cm

So a few new things, or different things anyway, since 3 months old are:
  • Rolling over from tummy to back, fairly consistently now
  • Squealing! This is brand new, he loooooooooves to squeal and talk loudly to himself
  • He's not as spitty as he used to be, but still has his "days"
  • He's getting into more of a routine, 3 naps a day and bedtime at 8:30...but the sleep is still VERY inconsistent
  • Using the Jolly Jumper and the Jumperoo and getting the hang of it - so cute!
  • Using his excersaucer and being more interactive
  • Being extremely social with people. He always has, but he LOVES to talk to and interact with people, but he still loves his alone time to kick on the mat!
  • He loves to be sung to, even if you have a horrible voice (like me!)
  • He is in some size 9 month clothes! He's in Disney 9 month outfits and The Children's Place 9 month sleepers, he is sooooooo long! Wonder where he gets that from...? ;)
So at 4 months old, Braden technically qualifies for solids now, but I am going to go with Health Canada's recommendation and wait until he's 6 months old. I've done lots of research on it, and it's something I feel pretty strongly about. There is a good list of information and resources at if you care to take a gander. However, if it seems like Braden is "starving" and that milk is just not enough, and he's giving us the cues, then I'll consider introducing cereals at 5+ months. A few people have suggested to start solids to get him sleeping better, and respectfully, I disagree as all the studies and research and nurses that I've read/talked to say that it's an old wive's tale and that feeding solids has not proven to improve on nighttime sleep. I completely respect anyone's choice to start solids at 4 months, but it's just not for me, and I'll suck it up and wait the extra 2 months. It's just more fuss and muss for me at this stage of the game anyway!


  1. good for you for waiting until he's 6 months! it definately dosen't help them sleep - they'll sleep through the night when they're developmentally ready & not before. & after my course, she said that the cereals really aren't that great for them either - way better to start them off on nutrient rich things like advocado (best), sweet potato, squash, etc. and studies show that unless they can play with the food with their hands and eat it themselves they'll reject it from a spoon. you can see my notes if you want.

  2. aaand something i was disturbed about - is in the jar baby food, there's very little of the actual food. for example, in a jar of puree'd banana, there's only 4% banana! so what are people actually feeding their babies? that made me sick to my stomach as Luke got a lot of jarred baby food.

  3. I'd go with Laura's information, as it is totally current. She just finished that course!

    I think Sarah is going to make her own baby food, so she won't have to worry about all the "ick" in the jarred stuff!!

  4. Thanks for the support, Laura!! :)

    And yes, jarred stuff grosses me out even before I was thinking about having kids, so I'm going to make my own. I have all the supplies (which you're welcome to borrow on your next go around) and I think it'll be fun. I've heard to just skip the cereals too as they're very highly processed too.

  5. I meant to add also that I was on the fence about cereals...just might start with iron rich foods! It's great to have you and your knowledge around!


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