Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Braden James, Go To Bed!

This afternoon I put Braden down for a nap and he was awake and content as can be. He was cooing and laughing to himself for over a half hour! I figured he probably wasn't tired afterall and went to go get him up!

This is much, MUCH improved from the last 2 weeks. He went through this really weird phase where he fussed and cried and we'd have to rock and sing him to sleep. I'm very glad that is done (although it will probably return at some time!) and would much rather take this happy content little guy! I can put him down for his naps awake and he'll settle himself right to sleep. The nighttime sleeping is pretty inconsistent still. Some nights (like 2 nights ago) he will wake up literally every hour for some unexplained reason, but last night was more "normal" as of late and he have 3+ hour stretches all night. What a difference even that makes. Mom is coming tomorrow for the long weekend and I'm looking very forward to having her here again, it's so nice to have the help when Jay is so busy with seeding. Speaking of seeding, they are allllllllmost 50% done!

Beginning in June when Braden is 4 months old, more than likely weighs 14+ lbs and Jay is done seeding, we are going to implement the SleepEasy sleep training for Braden. He is already putting himself to sleep, but he needs to learn how to soothe himself. He used to be able to do it with thumb sucking, but for some reason it's like he's forgotten how to do that! It will be involve a bit of crying, which will no doubt be hard, but supposedly we'll have him sleeping better, hopefully through the night, within a week. I'll be sure to keep you updated on that!