Monday, May 17, 2010

On The Way Home

We made it home, but first we had to make a pit stop in Red Deer to visit Erika and finally meet her new little girl Tessa. Another Tessa friend for Braden! Aren't they cute!?
Isn't she cute!?
Then when we finally got home I just had to stop by our house to see the progress. The siders have wrapped the front of the house now...
And they've even started actually siding the house! This picture isn't a very accurate representation of the actual color, the lighting wasn't very good...but you get the idea!
And how so very exciting that our fireplace is getting the stonework done! YAY!!!
 I guess all of our ceilings are drywalled too....yet somehow I didn't notice that! I thought that the vaulted ceiling was getting drywalled...and I noticed it wasn't. There should be a LOT of pictures to update now things really seem to be rolling, and Jerry will be working with us on Thursday to start drywalling the rest of the house - YAY!

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  1. Love the brick on the fireplace! Looks like you've finally got some action going on there!


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