Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Kitchen is Taking Shape!

We have the makings of a kitchen people! The wonderful lads from Home Hardware have been there the last 2 days installing our fabulous cabinets. I love the color of them and I think they look really good with the paint too! Now the kitchen and our ensuite are completely painted and the main bath and Braden's room are almost primed. We get some help from Travis tomorrow to keep on priming and it shouldn't take too long to finish that (minus the GREAT room). Only 2.5 weeks until flooring begins!!
I loooooove the castling on top!!
A little more complicated than the Ikea do-it-yourself version!
Oh how exciting! I really hope things go smoothly from here on out... Now our biggest rush is to get a hold of our DARN stonework guy! I will NEVER recommend him to anyone. Jay has called his cell numerous times with unreturned phone calls, he's emailed him...nothing. I called his business phone 2 days ago and he still hasn't called me back. He needs to take down and re-do the fireplace by July 19th so the floors can get done. How the heck do you tell the guy that when he won't return your calls??

We are also one step closer to getting our land subdivided....we started this process in April 2008! It goes to council at the end of July and then I think another public hearing and then it's ours! I am staying positive that we WILL be in our house by the end of August!


  1. It's really starting to take shape! It looks great!! Love the paint colour!

  2. I can't wait to see it. Lots of cupboards....AWESOME!!!!

  3. It is nice you have so many cupboards. Think of the dishes you will be able to house. Re the fireplace man. I hope you have not paid him. If not I would have someone else do the job and deduct his wages from that bill. We have been there and in the end I gave up. You can imagine Sarah if I gave up. . . .
    Short of going to court; in the end it costs less to move on. Good luck, he may answer, you are really just starting this mission. Marjorie


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