Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another Day at the Lake

We finally had a little getaway....sort of. Even if it was just a day trip to the lake, we were in desperate need to escape from all the madness of building this house. I can't believe how stressful it is now that we're getting so close to finishing. We're having trouble getting the next draw of our mortgage because our guy isn't really pushing things along so we can't move forward from now on until we get the money, which we were supposed to get 2 Fridays ago and we are supposedly getting this Friday.

Enough about that, though....Jay, Braden, Craig, Luke, and I went to Sheerness on Sunday...here are some of my favorite pics!
 The little man sitting in the boat, ready to go!
My first wakeboard in 2 years...I remembered!
It was a busy, busy day at the lake!
 Craig jumping the wake.
 Jay looking like he's going to fall.....but he didn't!
 Luke is ready to go swimming!
 Blowfish butt!
 Luke and Braden in their "boat coats" enjoying the lake!
 At first Braden wasn't sure....but then he started kicking and having fun!
 "Again! Again!|
Braden's turn!
So we all had a great, busy, and tiring day in the sun and water. Hoping to get  out a few more times this summer, and hopefully as soon as this Sunday after church for a picnic and to celebrate Jay's baptism and my affirmation!