Sunday, July 18, 2010

House Update

Finally some really great house news to report! Just take a look at our stunning fireplace. I cannot WAIT to see it all put together with the tongue and groove on the ceiling, our paint all finished, and especially our rich hardwood floors installed!
The last picture is the view (minus the scaffolding!) of what you'll see when you walk into our house. Notice the green on the walls? We love it! It's only one coat, so another couple and it'll look great! With mom's wonderful week-long visit, we got a lot done and got to go into the city babyless to pick our the countertops for our house. We are going with granite for the kitchen, including the island, and our ensuite. We are going with laminate for the other 2 bathrooms. Here's the granite, giallo ornamental, that we chose:
Love it! We chose a lighter color because everything else, including the tiles for the floor, are quite dark. We are getting SO CLOSE to giving our little boy the proper room that he deserves:
I love this blue, it's my favorite paint color in the whole house! So next up on our "things to do" list on the house are:
  • walk through with our cabinet guy to make sure we are happy with everything, then he will do the finishing
  • sign our granite/countertop quote this week, then within 2 days they will come and do templates and in 14-16 days do installs!
  • Jay and Gerry will do the tongue and groove on the great room ceiling together
  • Gerry will finish drywalling/taping/mudding the staircase
  • finish painting the great room
  • our tile guy came on Saturday to take a look, he's started the prep for our shower, and will begin tiling this week
  • we are STILL waiting on our damn front DOOR from JayWest, that was supposed to come with the house GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Why do they ALWAYS manage to hold us up? The tile can't be done in the entry until the door is in as the temporary door leaks.
  • the siding STILL isn't done from JayWest, but we really don't care, all the essential work is done and the faster they finish, the faster we have to pay them!
  • then there's all the finishing....the window jams/trim have to be done in the great room while we have the scaffolding, before our hardwood can be installed...Ben is coming to help us the weekend of August 6th, so that is VERY much appreciated by his big sister!
  • flooring is to be installed 1 week later than I originally booked, which will be not this Monday, but next. They can do all the carpet in the bedrooms and the hardwood in the living room/dining room....and hopefully will be able to get to the great room while they're there if all the aforementioned stuff gets done!
Phew! No wonder Jay doesn't sleep at night worrying about all this stuff. I just want to be IN MY HOUSE!