Thursday, July 29, 2010

That Giraffe Thing

So if any of you happen to have noticed...I've taken a liking to all things giraffe for Braden. His nursery will be a safari theme...but the most popular animal in our collection is no doubt the giraffe. It's not only my fault, we have gotten many a giraffe gift. So here's a few of our giraffe items:
Got some receiving blankets...
Some burp cloths
Then I bought his Zoofari nursery set, giraffes included!

Even his PNP is giraffe theme!
My Boppy has a giraffe slipcover
Had newborn pictures in a giraffe papoose
And with the little stuffed animal I bought him in Rosebud
Mom found an adorable giraffe sweater from Gymboree.
Then of course there's his "watch me grow" giraffe!

Well, I finally got my most coveted diaper! It is a Goodmama diaper...and I actually don't like the fit and style of these, I've tried a few before and sold them all, but I needed this one and you'll soon see why...
I've been waiting for this diaper so I could take pictures with this cute minkee blanket that was given to Braden from Marie & Olivia as a baby gift! That is the softest blanket in the world, he used to take his naps with it everyday when he was littler, but now that he's older he pulls it over his face and it's too thick and he can't breathe! So I can wait until he's old enough to just snuggle with it and not suffocate himself!
I just remembered about this picture too! I actually found that dress from Forever XXI on eBay! The only place I've worn it was when we went to Vegas. I also have a giraffe print purse and shoes...but don't worry, I'd never wear it all together!

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  1. OMG! He looks ADORABLE with that diaper!! haha! Love that blanket. Someone really cool must have sent that to you! ;) I can't believe they're half a year old!!! What??


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