Sunday, August 1, 2010

House Update

I've been meaning to do this for awhile, but I have my lazy days! Actually, I was so busy all week, that come this weekend I got super lazy! So here's what's been going on at the house:
Our finishing carpenter came by on Friday and finished the front half of the great room vault! Looks great! (And yes, that is duct tape you see on the scaffolding....Red Green would be proud!)
 The tiling and is done and the vanity installed in the 1/2 bath off the kitchen.
 The basement is completely framed now. This is the 5th bedroom and my scrapbook room in the corner.
 Future theatre room.
View from the walk-out, the stair case.
We have garage doors!

So the finishing carpenter, Mark, was there today and will be again tomorrow continuing to work to get the great room ceiling done. It's crunch time as flooring will start anytime after Tuesday, but definitely by next week. We've pushed it back twice now so we can make sure the darn great room is done. Then, our other finishing carpenter - BEN!!! - is coming with Jess and Mom on Tuesday. They're going to stay for the week/weekend and I hope we can get a lot of stuff done. I really appreciate him coming, and whatever he doesn't finish, Mark will. Aaron (electrician) has also slowly been installing the light fixtures.

I think I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel...

I had to add one more pic....this is Mark's dalamatian! She's so sweet, 14 years old.

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  1. Its' coming right along. When is the expected move in date? M


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