Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jay's Baptism & Sarah's Affirmation of Faith

Jay's Baptism
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Something had been telling Jay that now was the time in his life that he needed to be baptized. Ever since I was pregnant, really. Jay was not baptized as an infant, like I was...so it was his choice to make as an adult. I know his family and mine are very proud of the decision that he's made. Since I was baptized already, we talked to Pastor Ray and decided that an affirmation of faith would be an appropriate thing for me to do. So Jay and I both publicly declared our faith in Jesus Christ on Sunday August 1, 2010. It meant a lot to us both to do it before we had Braden dedicated, which is this coming Sunday. There's the video of Jay's actual baptism, and here are some pictures. Kjel took pictures for us, and the lighting and settings he chose weren't ideal...so some of the pics are blurry, but that's okay!
Praying for me....got me very emotional!
 Braden sat with Auntie Laura and babbled the whole time!
 Praying for Jay.
My wonderful family!


  1. Stumbled on this post and it got me a little choked up. Awesome.


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