Friday, August 27, 2010

We are SO CLOSE to Moving!

It's so close I can taste it, smell it, feel it, AND see it! Here's the new to do list:
  • counter tops are being installed on MONDAY!!!!
  • plumbing hookups need to be done...faucets, shower, tub, toilets, etc.
  • appliances installed
  • finishing touches on our cabinets
  • deck railing
  • basement insulated and vapor barriered
  • garage floor and cement pad
  • our shower needs to be finished being tiled and we have to order and install a door
  • bathroom mirrors to be hung
  • blinds in the bathrooms
  • curtains in our bedroom
  • bedroom furniture on the way, needs to be set-up
  • the rest of the finishing, which is only about a day's worth of work or so
But really, after the first 3 things on the list are complete, we can move in! I'm realllllllly hoping/thinking it will be livable by the end of next week. We are guaranteed getting the counter tops, then it will be waiting on the plumber...! He knows about us and what's happening, so hopefully he's fast and get's there ASAP. I believe the electrician should be available to install the range and the ovens kinda whenever.

The flooring looks amazing and the finishing carpenter has just done amazing work, where Ben couldn't finish up for us. Here's the new pics:
Great room with new furniture (I have NO idea how to arrange this!!?!?)
I'm not going to take pictures of the bedrooms until they're done and decorated! All of Braden's stuff is in his room now, except for clothes and diapers, it just needs to be organized. Jay installed the blinds in his room and the guest room today. Braden's crib is all set up and he's been taking naps over there during the day so I can clean and organize! Woohoo! I think he loooooves his big boy crib! More on Braden tomorrow...!

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  1. I'm glad he likes his crib! It's got to feel like a step up from his PNP!!


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