Monday, September 6, 2010

Braden: The Bottomless Pit!!!

More Please!!!
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I think that should be Braden's new nickname: The Bottomless Pit! I am pretty sure this boy would NEVER say no to food! In fact, he's started doing this ----------> (in the video) when he wants more food, and then throws a mini-tantrum (already!?) when he doesn't get his way. In the morning I've upped his portion from 2 fruit cubes and ~4 TBSP of oatmeal to 3 fruit cubes and ~5 TBSP of oatmeal. He also gets finger food, usually toast, as an afternoon snack, and then he gets 1 veggie cube with 1 meat cube for supper along with finger foods from our plate. The finger food is just for practice, he really doesn't eat too much of it...he does the best with bread, which he LOVES. I am thinking I will have to start adding an actual lunch, and not just this boy is HUNGRY. And, I have only cut out one breastfeeding session a day! This is before his morning nap, as he's just eaten a gallon of oatmeal and fruit.

I think he's making up for his lack of weight gain from 3-6 months. I will be very interested to see what he weighs at the end of the month. He's just about outgrown his Pekkle (Costco) and Carter's 9 month sleepers, which he's always first to outgrow and move onto the next size. Even some of the onesies he's ready to toss into the 9 month storage box. I can't believe that some of the babies in my online group are already in 24 month clothing! Yup, that's what I said! There's a few in 18 month and 1 that I know of for sure that's ready for 24 month. I'm glad my little guy isn't that big of a chunker!

So since I've been a lazy blogger, enjoy some of my latest Braden pictures!
Hehe...just love this expression!
 No forward crawling yet, just backwards!
 Braden 7 months, Trinity 5 months...pretty much the same size now! Braden actually stole her soother and was going to put it in his mouth, but I stopped him!
 Braden and his Papa.
 Playing with Papa and Luke.
 Auntie Joy helped Braden sneak a taste of the whipped cream off the birthday cake!
 We still can't get a pic of Braden smiling with us AND looking at the camera...getting closer!
 We went for a walk last week and it was CHILLY! Had to bundle him up and he looked so cute. This is his "denture face"...reminds me of when my grandpa used to take his dentures out and smile!
 Wearing Daddy's hat.
Time to get a bath chair! Anyone know where I can get one?

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  1. do you want to borrow my mini-inflatable bath tub? if you look at my baby pics of luke on facebook you'll see it. that's what i used when he got to about Bradens age & i LOVED it! i hated the bath chairs because they never failed to tip over if i left the tub for 2 seconds.

  2. and i also want to say - enjoy the bottomless pit stage while it lasts! Lukey used to be like that but not anymore. now it's almost always a fight to get him to eat.

  3. I'll say thanks but no thanks...I have seen the pics of the tub and it looks like a great idea...but too big to just tuck away somewhere! I'm reeeeeeeeally hoping I can convince Braden to keep eating so well, but I've seen with all 3 nieces and Luke that eating becomes such a chore!

  4. Your little boy is SO adorable! And your house is coming along great!


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