Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hey Strangers!

Well, I guess it's been awhile, we could almost be considered strangers now! The biggest news to report is that we've finally moved into our new house! It's been absolutely amazing, overwhelming, tiring....but oh so exciting! I don't have too many pictures of the house yet because it's actually in quite the disaster state! Just when I get it organized and find homes for things...we move more stuff over and it starts again. It's also been "awesome" that it's been so wet and muddy...makes for an interesting time trying to keep my floors relatively clean with a big husky tromping around! Oh well!

My absolute most favorite thing about our new house is my kitchen. There is a cupboard or drawer for pantry just slides out and it's so easy to access everything! I am also loving our new king size bed in our cozy bedroom and also Braden's room. Speaking of Braden's room...he has been sleeping SO GOOD in his new, big crib in his cozy room - but more on that later.

Here's a few pics since we've moved in, we even had Zaks over one night for dinner and we learned that our house is great for entertaining - woohoo!!
I can't get over the cuteness! Tessa is showing off and showing Braden how to crawl!
 Braden loves to eat still....and Katie was enjoying feeding him.
Wearing his adorable shirt from Marie & Olivia - "Future Farmer"
Learning to stand with help from Daddy and his new toy that I scored for $10
 First picture of his two teef!! 
 Kihei loves snoozing on the deck...its perfect, we can leave her on the deck when we leave the house too.
First bath, first night in the house with cousin Luke in the double kitchen sink! I LOVE this picture!
Miles snooping always!
First bath in the big tub (sparing his own dignity!! :)


  1. should see him now! EVERY diaper change before I even get the diaper off BOTH hands are down there now...yeesh!

  2. Love it!!! I'm SO HAPPY for you. I owe you an email too. Liv and I have tooth envy!!! :)

  3. it passes Sarah. it's a fascinating new discovery, and there's only limited time to play with it before the diaper goes back on lol.


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