Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Bed Buddy!

So...guess who I found in Braden's crib having a nap yesterday when we came home from all of our picture taking?
ZOEY!! I didn't know how the heck she made the leap of faith to get up there! She's really still just a tiny kitten...but then I saw how she did it. Braden's laundry hamper is about 2 ft off the ground and right at the foot of his crib, so she hops on that first and then jumps into the crib. When he was ready for his nap, I plopped him in his crib to see her first and as you can see, he was THRILLED to have a new bed buddy!
And bless her heart, she doesn't scratch, hiss, meow...nothing when he does this to her:
He literally grabs 2 fistfuls of Zoey and usually tries to eat her too! I'm trying to teach him 'gentle' but it's not going over too well yet! :) But she truly is the perfect new little kitty to have in our family.


  1. Oh my gosh!!

    That last picture actually made me laugh out loud! Braden looks so proud of his kitty hahaha

  2. :) Our cat started doing this as well! Although she can jump from the ground all the way in to the crib so there is no stopping her! Levi is too small to pull the fur yet though. :) Cats are really gentle with babies. We bring our cat every year to out Christmas family gathering and 8 kiddos chase and pull at her and she doesn't act out!


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