Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I am excited to take Braden around to a few of the neighbors houses to Trick or Treat! One of the neighbors makes popcorn balls for treats and they are so yummy! Last year, if you recall, I actually took Braden Trick or Treating too:
I am MUCH happier to have him on the outside this year! Just looking at that paint makes me itch - it was so itchy on my belly! Halloween is always a special time of year for me, because it marks the anniversary of when I first met Jay. Now we've been together for 6 years! Oh, also...this blog is 1 year old now - happy birthday, blog!

I also had to do a very impromptu photoshoot of Braden for a cloth diaper photo contest with the theme "Harvest Time". I thought - PERFECT! I'll enter this picture, and I'll win for sure, because it's a baby during harvest time:
BUT, I was told they had to be wearing a cloth diaper in the picture...which I guess makes sense considering it was for a cloth diaper website contest! Me, along with other Canadian and moms from the upper States complained that it's too cold outside to take pictures of babies in diapers. So, the lady that's running the contest wrote back and said to "get creative inside". Hmmmmph. So not by best work, but this is what I submitted:
I'll keep you updated on if we win anything. She said she was going to post that picture of Braden in the wheat field anyway because she like it so much!

It is also Serena's 5th birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SERENA!!

Here's some pictures from here birthday/Halloween party...
Braden and another little future classmate buddy Tyson. He's exactly 8 weeks younger than Braden.

Then we decided to take Braden for his first trick or treating and first we went to Zaks:
Can you tell he was super impressed to be going out late? He is a bed at 7 boy! What is up with this "partying" business!
Braden trying to discover the wonderfulness of a popcorn ball! Look at his first stash of Halloween candy! That was all from 4 houses! They treat kids good in the country!
Then Ella and Serena stopped by to trick or treat and it was off to bed!