Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Learning So Much!

*Before I get posting, I just wanted to let you know to scroll down or click HERE to see an updated post on Joy's twins, I added pics of Katie with her permission!*

He's just learning so much, so fast. Yesterday when I went into his room in the morning to get him up, I was doing a few things first and then eventually I look over in his crib and see this:
It's actually been on our "to do" list, to lower his crib before this happened....so we did that first thing this morning after he got up...all the way to the bottom! Well, almost all the way, even if he stands up, it'll be at least another year and a a half before he decides he might want to try to leap out of his crib! The other morning, I wish I had my camera on me, he did the cutest thing! He crawled out from under his blankets, went to the bottom of his crib where his stuffies are, grabbed his elephant and was snuggling with it! :) So last night and tonight I've been giving him his giraffe to sleep with. I've also deemed him old enough to snuggle with the blanket that Marie & Olivia got for him. It's the softest blanket ever, it's a minky giraffe print blankie, but it's a bit heavier so I didn't want him smothering himself with it. He used to have a nap with it every day when he was itty bitty, but then I had to take it away for awhile...I'm glad he's old enough to use it again!

As many of you probably saw on Facebook, he also officially started army crawling yesterday! It was so cute, he crawled all the way from the family room into the kitchen to check out the dishwasher.
He's gotten faster with his crawling already today. Unbelievable. I'm also going to upload a video by tomorrow of how he's learning to play with some different toys!