Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just a Typical Update

Don't you just wanna run into that picture and tickle him and give him a squeeze!? I can't get over how chunky he looks in that picture! He's definitely filling out more, but he's not that chunky...I swear! Just the angle of the picture I guess. Isn't he so cute in his Sunday best? Going to church has been a "challenge" because it's right when Braden should be napping. We've missed the last few weeks because he has been sick or really in need of his AM nap, but I really missed it and needed to go to church this last Sunday, so we woke him up early from his nap...he didn't care - can ya tell! He is such a good "church baby" as we've been told. He sits around for the whole service and hardly makes a peep. He eats some crackers, drinks some water and gets passed around the pews...I wonder how long that will last!?

Jay and I were so fortunate to get to go to the dinner theatre last Saturday with Laura & Craig. My mom was supposed to babysit but canceled on us and it kind of a scramble to find a sitter. I really wanted to find a non-family babysitter for Braden MUCH earlier than at 10.5 months of age, because I believe it's really important for him, and for us, to get used to being with "strangers". Plus, I had tons of fun with my babysitters growing up. So, by the magical powers of Facebook at 11:30 PM on Friday night, Renita said her boys Jonny and Jaden would watch Braden for us at their home in Rosebud. PERFECT! They have a granddaughter that is 1 month younger than Danika and she was going to be there too so I knew Braden would have a great time. I felt bad for J&J cuz we were running a bit late, dropped off Braden I rambled off a bunch of instructions for them and left for lunch! They did really well, and Bill their dad was there for back-up and Braden was even napping when we went to pick him up at 4. Awww! He did so good so I'm really hoping that J&J will want to do that again for us, because we would LOVE to go out on some dates and be able to rely on some teenagers to watch Braden for us.

So Braden has been back to his normal self now that he's over half done his course of antibiotics. He's also been napping REALLY well lately, two 2 hour naps a day, and I think it's because he has gotten so active over the last week. He just goes goes goes until he naps again! He is crawling, pulling up, walking with everything! And we've also had to put up dreaded, ugly baby gates...
That photo isn't staged at all. I know babies his age are supposed to be doing this, but I still can't believe how much he's learned this last week!
He loves to pull himself up on the dining room chairs....and then push them like a walker!
Awww. What a cutie in his Christmas jammies from Gram!
Well...we have a super busy week ahead of us, but I'm trying not to get stressed about it and trying to enjoy it. Somehow inviting 2 friends over tomorrow night for dinner turned into 4....then somehow NINE all together. That's like another Christmas dinner! So we're having some Koesters and some Zaks and Adam over for dinner tomorrow nite. Wish us luck! Then we are off to Edmonton for 2-3 days for Christmas.

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  1. at least it's like another Christmas dinner withOUT all the crazy kids/toddlers/babies!


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