Friday, January 14, 2011

A New Photoshoot

I haven't done a photoshoot with Braden since the end of October for his Christmas pictures! Between going back to work, Christmas celebrations and all 3 of us taking turns being sick...we just weren't up for it. I've been DYING to get pictures of him in his Carter's moose hat that mom brought him back from Vegas, but I think I left it there over Christmas :( BUT she did get him an equally cute ear flap hat, so I used that instead. I wanted to take pictures of him in his sled from Santa and a teddy bear that my dad got for him, and here's what I got:
Even Miles was interested! I just love these pictures! The colors, all his different expressions! that boy! His smile is so precious, but some of my favorite pictures of him are of the innocent looks he has on his face or the quirky little expressions! Hope you enjoy! Up next is his cake smash photoshoot and I hope to do that by the end of the next week. Just waiting for something in the mail!