Friday, February 25, 2011

The Business of Being Born

My one month subscription to Netflix ran out and I "accidentally" subscribed officially as I noted that PayPal sent me the $7.99 bill the other day! Oh well, you can cancel anytime no hassle. So I've heard from friends who have Netflix that the documentaries are awesome. Well, the house is clean, Braden's I thought I would watch The Business of Being Born.
And it is wonderful! I'm also so thankful for the blessing of being able to have the hospital birth that I did. I had the support from Jay and all the nurses and my doctor to deliver naturally and drug free. I didn't have a long labor, but I didn't rushed or like I was in a hurry. After watching this documentary, I honestly can say that if it was available to me, I'd love to have a midwife and do a home birth. Especially having a first normal, healthy pregnancy and delivery. BUT, since I'm 45 minutes (at least) away from the nearest delivering hospital and that I don't know any midwives in Standard. Of course I would have to do more research and I haven't even THOUGHT about having another baby yet, but it would definitely be something I'd consider if it was available to me :)