Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I didn't actually do  St. Patrick's Day pictures with Braden last year...we're not Irish, the holiday doesn't mean too much to our family. But I couldn't resist buying him this shirt at Carter's when we were in Vegas!
This shirt will actually go really well with some plaid shorts I bought him for the summer too. He was walking EVERYWHERE today. It was his best walking day by far. But for balance he walks with his hands above his head...Jay says he looks like a little monkey.
Ummmm....when did my baby turn into this cute little boy? He's ADORABLE!
He really really needs a haircut, but until then I thought why not try a mohawk?


  1. Such a sweetheart! He cracks me up! He was run/crawling here too when you were up. Will be fun to see how much his walking has improved!

  2. He looks more like Uncle Ben with that hairdoo ......


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