Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Long Overdue Visit to Edmonton

Hard to believe that I haven't been to Edmonton since Christmas! I've just been so busy working, our weekends are consumed with swimming lessons and we like to be home to go to church...and Mom especially, and Dad, have made many trips to the farm to see us - so why go there? Well, Ben is extremely busy working so I haven't seen him and Jess for too long and also the Huskas. It just kills me that Sophia and Braden aren't growing up "together" :( I know they are, but this is one of the big reasons that makes me home sick, I wish I could see them wayyyyyy more often than we do. Anyway, enough blabbing here's the pics!
Sophia is now 6 months old and she is so so so sweet and petite!
Not a good pic, I know, but just look at what a difference 7ish months makes! "I am small, I am big!"
The one and ONLY picture of the 2 of them! If Braden was too close, he "pet" Sophia and I didn't want him to hurt her and otherwise he made a bee line trying to get my camera!
I loooove this picture. So innocent!
He looks like such a big boy when he stands up to walk!

Then back at Mom & Dad's he's big enough that he can sit on this music chair and he's so proud of himself!
Uncle're so funny! (looking!)
And the coolest, most exciting thing about our trip to much more WALKING!!! He does over 10+ steps now on his own, he can change direction, catch his balance - he's a pro! Over those few days (and since then) he gets more brave every day and walks more and more. I'd say he's about 1/3 walking 2/3 crawling/walking with his walker. I still see Braden as being very little, which I love, so it's insane to see him walking, even though he's at the appropriate age to be doing so!
I will have to remember to take a video of him walking tomorrow! We came back from Edmonton happy and well-visited...but with some colds :( I had a sore/scratchy throat for a couple of days and Braden is congested and has a pretty yucky cough and is wheezy in the morning. He's been playing with his ears a bit...but not fussy to the point where I think he has ear infections again. I listened to his chest and he is a bit rattly, so I guess I'll just keep an eye on him and hope his humidifier does the trick. He drinks like it's going out of style, so that's good. I knew he wasn't feeling well when today at swimming lessons he signed/said "done" with 10 minutes left :( poor guy! We persevered through with a smile on his face though!

I've been MAKING myself do paint touch ups I've been putting off for forever. All the window trim is done now except the mudroom/bathroom, I filled dings in the drywall, primed and painted them...finally painted our feature wall in the dining room corner that's been driving me NUTS. *sigh-of-relief* It just feels so homey and finished now! We have curtains & blinds in the family room and dining room, we bought 2 plants for the great room today, I hung our new family portrait, and it feels good! Jay has been working downstairs and has drywalled the storage room and a bedroom down there. The garage is ready for drywall now and I am SO excited to keep working on the basement! YAY!!