Thursday, July 28, 2011

Braden is 18 Months Old!

My baby! My baby is 18 months...1.5 years old! He's still my baby...he's such a toddler, the very definition actually, but he still seems like my baby. He is definitely turning more into a little boy every day...still toddler looking but it won't be long before he's out of the toddler stage, it'll hit us before we know it. Here is such a typical Braden picture...he was extremely tired after playing at the park with Gram, and the typical part is the fingers in his mouth! I think that last molar might be on it's way...
18 Months Old
17 Months

Weight: 24 lbs 9.5 oz
Height: 31.5"

What Braden is up to:
  • favorite snack in the whole wide world is mandarin orange slices! The packaged kind, which they now sell packed in water, not syrup - so much more healthy and less sugar!
  • eats like a little horse in the morning, breakfast is surely still his favorite meal and then not too long after breakfast is done he'll run over to the pantry, ask for a snack and pick it out and run to his little table and chairs! If he's already had that snack for the day, I'll ask him if he wants some yogurt and he'll run over to the fridge! So smart!
  • sleeping 12-14 hours at night, usually about 13 is the average
  • finally down to 1 nap a day. Usually 2.5 hours but has been upwards of 4! He's still working on making his 1 nap longer...if he only has a 2ish hour nap, he's REALLY tired by bedtime and is usually down
  • wearing 24m pajamas only now, 24m onesies, 18m pants FINALLY fit him length-wise but are a little tight around the belly so he can get away with 1 pair of 24m pants we have for him!
  • he also knows where his hamper is and that dirty clothes go in there, if we give him naked time before his bath he always takes his clothes to put in the hamper, we don't even have to ask
  • umm....speaking of naked time, it might be limited until we are potty trained, and I'll leave it at that! :)
  • he knows where his diaper pail is too! I've caught him putting his dirty (pee) diapers in there
  • saying more words and the signing is completely gone
    • more has turned into "nore"
    • dozer is a consistent word now
    • thank you
    • bye bye 
    • he's also starting to answer some "yes" or "no" questions
    • hey!
    • hi!
  • doesn't like to be around a lot of people for very long, he'll go and find his shoes, bring them to us and start knocking on the door if he wants to leave someone's house!
  • very very so sweet!
  • dances to anything musical...the fridge toy, musical toys, TV commercials...anything!
  • very gentle and can actually pet the animals now, he doesn't just hit them anymore
  • he can walk on his tippy toes and walks backwards just for fun...I've also caught him spinning around it circles "twirling" but I have no idea where he learned that from
  • will sit and watch his "Diggers" show for 20 mins straight - it's awesome!
  • still has not had any juice, he only drinks water and milk...I see no need to add extra sugar and he's more than happy drinking those things
  • loooooooves to brush his teeth
  • can crawl onto the bathroom counter now as per my fave pic of him as of late!
  • knows what his shoes, hat, jacket are...where they are and that he typically needs at least 2 out of the 3 of them to go outside!
We love this little guy so much! We already knew that, but....WOW! (As Braden would say!)
18 Months Old


  1. He is truly the most easy child to love!! So much fun!!

  2. turning into such a little sweetie. also can't believe he's 18 months old. as sad as it is to see them leave the baby & toddler phase, the next stages are so much fun.
    good call on the no juice thing. i don't even have juice in my house, it's a special treat when he goes to grandma & pappas house. i see a lot of kids around his age who seem to only drink juice. why add all that extra sugar?

  3. Yeah I agree with the special treat. He's had taste of a bit of orange and apple juice when we have it but yeah I know lots of toddlers who ONLY drink juice. Plus why would we give those two boys any extra energy!


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