Monday, July 25, 2011

A Visit From Uncle Ben & Auntie Jess Pt. 2

So here's some more from our awesome weekend with Ben & Jess. I think Ben in particular, really got a feel for what our daily life is like with a busy busy toddler! Ben was so great and played with Braden a ton and Auntie Jess was so sweet and read books with him and helped feed him snacks. Braden loved watching his "Digger" show with Ben!
Ben & Braden
Ben can get Braden to make some pretty sill faces!
Many Faces of Braden
Sorry to those (inluding myself!) who have gotten Braden toys as gifts, but this one still takes the cake, he still LOVES this car. Ben was pushing him around on the deck and taught Braden to wave to me and Jess as he went by.
Still Love My Car!
Still Love My Car!
And here's Uncle Ben teaching Braden, not to throw his chair, but just to be very excited about it!

We loved having you guys over and you have to come visit more, more, MORE!!! Love you and miss you already!

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  1. Aww! We love you guys and spending time at your home. It was so much fun hanging out and doing nothing. I think we needed that. I agree, we do need to visit more! Give B an 'OH WOW' from auntie Jess


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