Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Taste of Edmonton

Not the food festival...mmmmmm....foooooood! But rather just a taste of our visit from Edmonton. I'm on my way home and wanted to save my good camera pics until I got home and could edit them. Posting pics without editing - the horror! ( wouldn't be so bad, my pics aren't that heavily edited anyway...but still!)

Here's an awesome video I took of Braden playing with the sock monster that Ben & Jess got for him. At first Braden was kinda scared of it, but now he says please, or "please-a" in his language, whenever he wakes up from at nap at my parent's! I've made it a silly monster as you can see...

And some iPod pictures until I get home to post "real" ones! :)

Bestill my little man talking to his Daddy (whom I can tell he misses so much right now!) on my BlackBerry last night after supper...repeatedly saying "hi! hi! hi!"
Talking with Daddy on Mommy's BlackBerry!!
Little man eating little pieces because he was not feeling Mom's butter chicken like I was!
Little pizzas for the little man!
Crazy bedhead after his late nap yesterday!
Me and the little man. We miss Daddy!
Well, stay tuned for some pics of Braden's play date with his (2nd) cousin Brooklyn!

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