Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Visit From Great Uncie Herb

And what a great uncle he is! First, to those who don't know my Uncle Steve, who's name is in fact Steve and not the aforementioned Herb that I have referred to him as....we call him Uncie Herb because that's what Bart & Lisa referred to their Uncle Herbert - Homer's brother!

Anyway, he came for a visit on Monday and stayed the night and Braden had a great time with his great uncle! Braden has never made strange, other than the infamous Santa photo, but sometimes he just doesn't "take" to a person right away...and he really took to Uncle Steve. He wanted "up" as soon as he walked through the door and even mooched breakfast off of him (not me or Jay) the next morning!
Visit from Great Uncie Herb!
Braden & Gus
Braden was playing with this toy and being so silly! He would hit those dangly, column things and purposefully bonk himself in the head...

And then he kept kissing this frog toy over and over!
This boy is so so sweet. The hugs and kisses to go around are a plenty right now!