Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Downside of Country Living

How many of you live in the city? Or even a small town? How many of you live in the country, like us? Well...even living in the country, I've never seen this in my backyard/on my driveway...
Furry Visitor
Furry Visitor
And those pictures were taken before he came right onto the gravel in our driveway, that's the view out my kitchen window. As soon as it saw me and Braden looking at him he got scared and scurried up the hill. The grass is pretty tall on our hill so as soon as he started up it we couldn't see him anymore, but it scared Gus out of hiding! I quickly put on my shoes and went up to see if Gus was okay and he was. Phew! I've often worried about the cats and coyotes...but just figured that the coyotes wouldn't dare come close enough to our house. Oops!

People keep telling me that the coyotes were here first, we moved into their home...but I still don't care - I don't want them in our yard! In the spring there was a pack of 3 that would come by the house often and one morning 2 tried to lure Kihei away on us. Not cool. Jay usually gets his gun out and takes a shot just to scare them. On the upside of country living...this is what I saw one winter morning out my kitchen window:
Oh Deer!
Moose aren't very common around here, but I would love to see a moose trotting over our hill!

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  1. Just found your blog and love it! Very cool to find another AB blogger. My parents had a coyote in their backyard this the middle of Edmonton. They're fairly close to the River Valley but still...FREAKY!


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