Monday, September 5, 2011

He LOVES Thomas!

I find it so absolutely amazing that a 19 month old boy who recently just started paying attention to TV, one day noticed a "choo choo" on TV. When I told him "That's Thomas!" he instantly started calling him "toe toe" and fell in love like that! I bought him a $5 Thomas DVD at Walmart and we watch it on a loop almost everyday! He doesn't watch it for very long, but he still likes to have it on. Luckily, as coincidence would have it, I bought him some rain boots in the spring...he never wore them once...but when he spotted them in the closet last week and HAD to wear them RIGHT NOW "pleaze-ah!" as Braden would say....
My Thomas Boots

My Thomas Boots
Big mommy score! I was a Kijiji machine this weekend because I wanted some more Thomas stuff for Braden, but I didn't wanna pay the ridiculous full price that Walmart wanted for new Thomas toys! So I got this little toy for $10 and he loves it!
Then my next find, for the future of was just too good of a deal to pass up was this:
Isn't it adorable? Only $50 and they included the mattress and a fitted sheet. The couple was so nice it was lovely to meet them, she entertained Braden and let him play her organ (they were in their early 60's and grandparents themselves) while me and her husband loaded up his "toe toe" bed. My plan was to never purposefully buy a toddler bed, and he may not even like Thomas by the time he's old enough to use this bed...but we'll use it here or at my parent's house. I certainly would not buy the new version of the Thomas bed...
A little much, don't ya think? My plan was to keep Braden's room jungle theme until he's old enough to tell me otherwise...but just look at this:
How awesome is that? I wouldn't do it myself...but it's still awesome! I'll probably find some Thomas bedding and put it away for hopefully another 1.5 years or so! :)

Did/does your toddler have a favorite character?

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  1. How cute is he! My daughter also loves Thomas but not till 2.5 yrs or so. Now she is obsessed


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