Thursday, September 15, 2011


I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for the perfect time to tell you all. Most people wait until the first trimester is over, so that's what I've done. 12 weeks and 1 day today!

...wait a second...

(You totally thought I was talking about me didn't you!? ;) Nah!


You know, they just got married and looked all gorgeous like this:
So Happy Together
Yup! They came to visit us soon after they got back from they're honeymoon, told us early on in their pregnancy and this is how they told us:
Braden's Going to Be a Big Cousin
Braden's Going to Be a Big Cousin
They dressed up Braden as "#1 Cousin" as they came out for breakfast in the morning. (hehe, bless their hearts, they bought it wayyyyy too big!!) I just kinda looked at Braden and said something to the effect of "really? Like soon?!?" Then it was all hugs and some tears and smiles and laughs. I am so stinkin' excited to be an Auntie (anytime, BUT..) especially to my only brother's child! So exciting!!

So the awesome coincidence, is that their due date is at the end of March...which happens to be close to the beginning of April...which is my birthday! April 2nd. Why a coincidence? you ask...

Braden was born on his Uncle Ben's birthday!! How flippin' amazing would it be if Ben's baby was born on my birthday? Well, I think it would be cool!

Here's an amazing video of my nephew/niece Bean!

I love how happy Jess is! Smiling from ear to ear, and she says she still is. Love you so much all ready, Baby Bean. You can follow along on Ben & Jess' pregnancy journey on her blog here.
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  1. I am so excited for them! they are going to be awesome parents. and i just love the look on Jess's face in that video. it almost brought a tear to my eye:)

  2. You TOTALLY had me going...
    But I guess a niece/nephew will do too! Congrats to your family :)

  3. You are sooo mean!!!


    You totally had me going as well!!!

  4. GAH! Trickster! I was all excited for you for a minute there ;) Congrats, Auntie!


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