Saturday, September 10, 2011

What's Up With the Voting, Sarah?

Some of you may, or may not, have noticed the "Vote for Us" buttons on the right column of this blog. This is to help me move up in votes on the Top Baby Blogs & Top Mommy Blogs websites! These sites are where I've found most of my favorite blogs to follow and met some great mamas along the way. You can vote once per 24 hours for both sites so if you're here anyway, I'd really appreciate 3 clicks a day!

Two clicks for Top Baby Blogs, click the banner, then click on the owl on the left:
Click To Vote For Us @ Top Baby Blogs Directory!

And just one simple click for Top Mommy Blogs per day:
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You will find buttons on the right side of the blog, and little tiny buttons under my signature for another friendly reminder. While you're here...if you're a faithful reader of this blog, I'd like ask once again to follow this blog under "Google Friend Connect" over there on the right side under "Join This Site". It's just nice for me to know who's following my blog and helps it gain popularity. Why do I need to be popular, you might ask? Well, I really like connecting with other mommy bloggers, as I mentioned, but I would love to get a big enough following for companies to start contacting me to do reviews and giveaways! Wouldn't that be cool? BUT they aren't going to contact me with only 36 readers! I know I have more than 36 of where are you hiding at? Join the site, follow publicly, it's free and easy! :)

I also decided, on the advice of some mama blogger friends, to add a Facebook page for the blog. I'm still a bit hesitant, because as silly as it may sound I don't want a lot of people from my personal Facebook page to "snoop" on my this way. This is why I stopped blogging in university, had a falling out with a friend and I didn't want her in on my life by cheating and reading my blog! So if you want to "like" us on Facebook that'd be nice! I have it completely separate from my personal page and truly hope that they don't get intertwined. I did a major Facebook friend cleanse today...I really don't use Facebook a lot anymore, mostly only on my phone and if I don't interact with you on're gone! :)
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  1. Voted for you Sara. I enjoy your blog! Maybe when I sign up for this in the future, you can reciprocate. Have a great rest of the weekend. Hope your son is doing great today.

  2. Thanks so much! If I'm correct I think you can vote for more than one blog daily, but just once daily per blog. I will surely return the favor! Braden is doing better, limping again after his nap...hoping it will heal with time and that he won't need further medical intervention!


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