Saturday, October 1, 2011

Childhood Influences

For the last month or so that Braden has actually started paying attention to TV, as you all know Thomas is his favorite and he also likes Bob the Builder. One morning, before we were the 24 hour Thomas network, I had Sesame Street on for Braden. This is not the Sesame Street that I grew up loving. I would imagine it's changed so much due to the rumors that Bert & Ernie are gay, we shouldn't be grouchy and/or homeless like Oscar, and that Cookie Monster eats too much sugar and is on the express way down diabetes lane. From this Wikipedia article on Sesame Street it also states:
"The producers decided, by recommendation of child psychologists, that the show's human actors and Muppets would not interact because they were concerned it would confuse and mislead young children."
Picnik collage

Is it just me...or do they all look a lot happier in the "now" picture?

Back to the quote: Ass-cuse me? And they don't think that this confuses young children?
For those of you who are blessed enough to not know what those, as described by a friend, "Teletubbies on acid - are...they are Yo Gabba Gabba characters. If you follow me on Twitter, you know that we are a "no gabba gabba" household. Let me state that I do not think this show will harm, damage, or destroy my son..I personally just find it SUPER annoying and by the advice of my Mom who had to watch it all summer whilst doing respite care...decided to not ever let Braden get hooked on it!

My point in the argument, is that if the Sesame Street of my childhood days was changed so as to not "confuse and mislead young children"...why the heck is THAT allowed on TV?

It makes me sad that unless I find some old shows on DVDs Braden will never know that C is for cookies!

Luckily I have YouTube to suffice! And who doesn't like the "yip yip" martians??!?

And Braden LOVES tub time and his rubber ducky too!

Lately I have been singing this song to Braden before his nap and he loves it. Another absolutely favorite childhood memory of mine...Sharon, Lois, & Bram from The Elephant Show!

If I ever have a little girl I'm totally going to be all about Care Bears, My Little Pony, and I loved Teddy Ruxpin too! I imagine my brother could easily get Braden hooked on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles like he was as a kid too!

There will be things other than TV shows and music that I want to pass onto Braden, like eating steak and lobster on Christmas Eve with my family and opening presents on Christmas Eve (other than Santa presents, of course!) and a lot of other things that just aren't popping up right now!

What childhood influences have you/will you pass onto your children?
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  1. I LOVE the song from the Elephant show! We watch a lot of Elmo DVDs as opposed to the current cartoons. They have COOKIES & Bert & Ernie. And some of the clips on them are even pieces from the shows of our age.

  2. Sesame Street IS so much was a lot better! I remember actually learning stuff from it just seems like silly stuff. My family also always opened our gifts on Christmas Eve..

  3. Ygg, hayley loved it and now she hates it. I will never introduce Zane to it!! And sesame used to be so much better!

  4. You had me literally laughing out loud when you quoted the Teletubies on Acid!!!

    I'm still giggling :P


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