Friday, October 14, 2011

I Miss The Babble

Well, it's Flashback Friday. I literally teared up while watching this video. I've been saying to people lately that while Braden is learning more words every week and even starting to put them together in small sentences, that at least me and Jay can decipher...I know I'll miss the toddler babble language so much. He is such a little chatter box and I'll miss the language that only he understands: the babble between the words.

I've already forgotten the baby babble and coos and sounds until I watched this...this was exactly a year ago today, 8.5 months old...

How adorable? Oh I'm melting. The baby fever...I still gots it! Another friend told me they're expecting in so so happy for her but it makes me itch at the same time! I wish I could just shrink Braden for day or two...

Have a wonderful weekend, we're off to the Calgary Corn Maze today!

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  1. I know how you are feeling! There are days I just want my small little baby back BUT I have enjoyed every moment of watching him grow.

  2. awe:(.. where oh where does the time go?

  3. How sweet!! They sure change quickly in the early years!! But I remember all those little faces and sounds like it was yesterday!

  4. Oh so precious! We're still in the babble stage but I already miss the cooing. The rate at which they grow up really is heartbreaking!

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