Saturday, October 8, 2011

New Puppy!

*Disclaimer: I refuse to wash my floors until the muck outside dries up more. They are not dusty...just dirty, if that makes sense! Sorry about the gross paw prints (and puppy kibbles) all over my floors!*

I have a new puppy niece! Pets will always be like family to me and it's so exciting to have a new puppy around....especially because it's not me that has to train it and be up with it all night! Craig & Laura got a black lab/rottweiler mix and she's absolutely adorable! (Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of a black puppy? It was for me anyway!)
Braden & Guiness

Guiness & Gus
Puppy's Bed

Kihei & Guiness
Kihei actually really good meeting Guinness. Guinness, as in beer...because their other dog is named Corona. I think it's cute, quite the match! Here's a little video of Braden playing with "puppy" and Kihei and Gus scoping out the action!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your turkey/family time my Canadian family and friends! Don't forget to vote for us! I'd like to stay in the top 100 and last I checked we were #85!
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  1. ohhh what a cute puppy! the name is great too :)

  2. thanks for blogging about Guinness! it made a WORLD of difference having her crate beside the bed last night! she was quiet from 12:45 to 6. the night before when she was in the hall she cried aalll night.

  3. Cute puppy.
    But mostly I love seeing that I'm not the only one with dirty floors ;)


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