Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Dog, The Criminal

We might have a miserable dog, accompanied by miserable owners unless we invest that $500 into an invisible fence system for our runaway husky. Want a little background history on our runaway dog if you're a new reader? Well, there's too much history to get into it, but here's a summary:

A lovely Siberian husky pup joined our family in August of 2008.
Me & Kihei
We were told by all the breeders she could never be off leash as it's *in* her DNA to run. Pffft!
Kihei come!!
She learned to stay in the yard from my in-laws old Australian Shepherd/border collie cross
Tug o' War!!
That dog had to be put down, so they got another dog of the same mix breed, and they soon became best friends.
 Dog Tired
Well...I can't even remember at what point it was...but those 2 taught each other to run away. The first time they did it, they went to a very small neighboring community about 8 miles away from our farm! We soon learned that one of them had to be tied up in the yard at all times or they'd run together in a matter of seconds, literally!
Taz & Kihei
Eventually he stopped running...but she didn't. She's been very phasey and will stick around all winter...and then as soon as spring hits she's off visiting neighbors or running to town regularly, resulting in countless phone calls of "are you missing your dog? I've got your dog. COME PICK UP YOUR DOG!"
Objects the mirror are closer than they appear!
Now to more recent times. In the summer she got a police escort home from the "county mounty". We were told to get her licensed and that if she ever caught Kihei again, she'd have to fine us and take her to the pound.

Now to recent, like last week, times...I get a phone call.
"Hi, it's [the county mounty]. I've got your dog, come pick her up [in town]."
Ahhhh crap! Mental head slap and dollar signs floating around my head. We got fined for her "running at large" and an impound fee of a costly $235, plus a warning, that if she ever got caught again - the fine would double. I love my dog, she's like our furry daughter...but I don't want to spend $500 to get her back from the pound. We have "invested" hundreds of dollars in medical bills (dog insurance was the best idea for her that I've ever had!), dog supplies, trips all over the countryside to pick her this invisible fence better be the last hundreds of dollars we invest in her, or she's going to be a dog on a leash, end of story. We want to fence in our 7 acres, which will be plenty of area for her to roam. Plus, she won't be able to get porcupines (hopefully) and won't run so much as to stress her bad food and leg that we've had xrayed twice! Wish us luck! But could you not love that face?
Kihei My Sweetheart!
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  1. She's like a naughty child.... she's lucky she's cute!

  2. She's so cute! I used to pick up my neighbors dogs all the time but I didn't mind! Hopefully the electric fence will work!

  3. all those pictures are GREAT! love the one with her out the car window :)

  4. She's beautiful! I bring home my neighbours' dogs all the time. It never occurred to me to care until our girl seized an opportunity to escape. A neighbour I regularly drop in on to return their dog had called bylaw on us. The fees we pay for our dogs in Alberta is ridiculous! Sometimes I feel like I'm being punished for having a child with fur.
    Hopefully the fence works for you!

  5. She's beautiful! We just bought an in ground electric fence that has worked like a charm for our dog. Something to think about if you're not wanting to fork out the money on an actual fence.


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