Monday, November 28, 2011

Braden is 22 Months Old!

2 months away from 2! Wow! Last month I was a bit anxious about my baby turning 2, but this month I'm actually reeeeeeeeeeally excited for Braden's birthday! I've been planning for a month or so and have all my supplies! But, for now...look who's 22 months!
22 Months Old
21 Months Old
New Braden things:

  • Growing, growing, growing! Mommy was lazy last month and didn't take him to get weighed/measured - but just by his clothes I can tell he's growing, and he looks taller too.
  • He's really keen on drinking from a cup now, so I let him practice with water and he's so proud of himself! He does very well, minimal mess most of the time
  • He's so much better in the car seat. I think he gets bored at home sometimes and really enjoys the car seat rides just to get out. We at least go get the mail every afternoon to get out.
  • Uses the iPod touch like a PRO. He can unlock it (didn't teach him) find his apps, switch in and out, it's friggin' amazing. He doesn't bother going into my apps, he can play the Thomas games, watch the Thomas music video, or listen to a Thomas story, he knows that app inside and out. Kinda scary...but kinda nice for long car rides and shopping trips! He plays every night after supper for a bit to wind down.
  • He likes to pick out his shirt every morning, but also doesn't care if I just pick out his clothes...which is nice!
  • He is SO ticklish! I love it!
  • Knows all his body parts...the important ones anyway!
  • He hates pictures now! It's like torture! I believe it to be age-related...but also because I probably take too many pictures of him and he hates doesn't like me for it!
  • On that note...he'll do anything for a cookie (see nice 22 month picture above!)
  • His favorite activity by FAR right now is riding his Thomas trike around the house!
  • More words:
    • grilled cheese
    • pancake
    • chocolate toast [Nutella]
    • "cheese please!"
    • peaches
    • Ben
    • Jess
    • Kihei [sometimes, usually still "Kiki"]
    • Gus [not "dada" anymore!]
    • ball [Christmas decorations]
    • Santa
    • starting to sing! In the Bob the Builder song he sings: "Bob! Fix it! Yah!" and dances
    • Percy [Thomas' best friend]
    • Travis [tractor on Bob the Builder]
  • Potty learning: lack thereof! I knew last month was a fluke...he's definitely not "there" yet. I don't wanna push it, but it'd sure be nice if he just magically showed interest one day!
  • Clothes: Wearing 18-24 month pants which fit perfectly with a bit of room to grow, size 24m/2T shirts, some with long sleeves rolled up once, ready to move to some 3T one piece pajamas!
  • Sleeping: Bed at 7 PM up at 7:30-8:30 AM, usually closer to 13 hours sleep total
  • Naps: from 1-3. Once a week or so he naps from 12:30-3:30 to play catch up a bit...I love 3 hour nap days! He loves to play with his Thomas, Bob, & George stuffies before he gets up. When I go in to get him he has to show me everyone's eyes, nose, mouth, tummy...etc! Cute!
  • Eating: back to normal. Still eats most at breakfast, usually just snacks at lunch before his nap, and has been eating quite well at supper. Jay and I have been enforcing the "one more bite" rule, and he listens every time and he's getting much faster at just eating that last darn bite so he can bee "ALL DONE!"
  • Teeth: Still missing the 4 incisors and I guess the 2 year molars are approaching.
Wow, before we get to 23 months we have to get through Christmas! SO EXCITED for Christmas this year!!
Just Eatin' a Cookie...watchin' Bob!
George, Bob, Braden, Thomas, and blankie! Yup, the whole crew is here! Night night!!
Mommy's superhero!!
My little love is home!!!!! 

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  1. Nearly 2 years old !! There will be no room left for that giraffe soon hehe x

  2. So cute!!! My baby girl turns 2 one week from today and Im in utter shock, went way too fast!

  3. Look at that picture of him with the giraffe. So cute!

  4. that chair sure is getting crowded :) happy 22 months to your adorable little man!

  5. He's getting cuter every day! 2 months til he's 2 and 1 month til Tristan's 2! time sure flies :)


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