Sunday, November 6, 2011

First Time in Undies!

He's turning into a boy, right before our eyes. He's gotten so much taller (I still have to take him to public health for his 21 month stats!), more coordinated (which is a feat in itself with me as his mother!), and the milestones are just piling up. Here's a pretty special milestone...
Picnik collage
I'm a Big Boy!

Picnik collage Doesn't he just look adorable in his little gonch!! Speaking of that that a term you have heard of or use to describe boy's underwear?! I totally grew up with them being called gonch/gonchies or ginch/ginchies! My SIL Laura had no clue what I was talking about when I said, "I bought Braden some teenie tiny gonch and they're so cute!" She looked at me like I was speaking Chinese! Anyway, those undies stayed on for about 10 minutes, he said down in my lap...and peed! Do I look like a potty to you??

Another milestone I'm looking forward to is getting rid of that pacifier. In all doesn't bother me that much. He never has it out in public and doesn't really use it at home much (other than sleeping) unless he's feeling sick/sucky or it's right before bed time (as pictured above). The only reason why I haven't rid the soother yet, is our trip to Maui. He still likes it to fall asleep, and I want that crutch to lean on when we travel! I'm hoping it will help his ears with the plane too. But when we come home and he turns 2...bye bye, soother!
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  1. Never heard the word Gonch in my life!!! Cute little tushie though!

  2. I have pictures of Tristan in boxers and undies though he doesn't wear them often because he's still not big on the potty. He sits on it occasionally and has been since he was 1 but he's still refusing to let me know BEFORE he pees lol.

  3. Oh my what a little cutie pie!
    First time in undies is a very special time isn't it! So exciting!! Love it!

    In our sea of love


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