Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's Been a Long Time Coming...

I've had my eye on these babies for almost 7 years. You see....coming up this Christmas season is my 7th year anniversary of first coming to the farm to see it all. I knew I was going to live there and marry Jay one day. Just knew it. (I was right!) And I've had my eyes on...
Grain Elevator

Yup! The elevator windows! You see...ever since I've met Jay, I've been told that elevator is going to be torn down. The years went by...and nothing was happening. But then, all of a sudden last October...
Bye Bye, Elevator
Thar she was! I probably drove Jay and/or my father-in-law nuts asking a bajillion times, "you'll save the windows for me...right!?!?" And they did...and this is what I did with them, they were proudly hanging in my home just after Thanksgiving this year!

You like 'em? I sure do! I took them to a glass place in town, they put mirrors in for a pretty decent price, I thought (<$200 for both) and I'm so happy to have a part of the elevator with us forever!

On a side note, Jay & I are taking Braden to his very first farm show. We're very excited to take him he'll have so much fun! Also, I'm driving him to meet my mom after his nap today at the hotel, and mom and dad will take him for 2 nights this long weekend so Jay and I can have TWO toddler-free nights! Yay, Mom & Dad! LOVE YOU! So, I'm taking a blogging break....

...but PLEASE enter to win the $25 Pink Dot Design gift certificate! She is awesome to work with, it is 100% custom and personalized vs. the templates where you add pictures on other websites. I highly, highly recommend, it's worth it! I'm out!

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  1. Every time I see pictures of your house I think how beautiful it is and those windows are gorgeous!

  2. Your house is gorgeous!! Wow! I wish you could come decorate mine!

  3. um, i LOVE those! andplusalso, i'm jealous of them. and your adorable house!


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