Tuesday, December 13, 2011

And Braden Met Santa...Again!

So, it was pretty much how I anticipated. I didn't have high hopes for Braden's 2nd meeting with the big guy in the red suit. Last year, Santa was the first person that Braden EVER made strange with. He was 9 months old, and I'm not being a bragging, proud mom...I'm serious. Braden has always been such a content, happy guy...but he really didn't like Santa!

This year...we were prepping Braden. We were reading lots of Christmas books with Santa in them, Braden knows who Santa is and can say "Santa". Even when Jay was carrying Braden through the parking lot to go to the mall, we said "who are we going to see, Braden!?" And he happily replied, crystal clear "go see Santa!" We also prepped him that "you're going to go see Santa, take a picture, and then you can have a cookie!" He would get excited and say "Go see Santa - a cookie!" My expectations weren't very high for that "perfect" smiley picture...but I didn't care! I just wanted a picture of my little man with the big guy. And this is what we got:
Santa & Braden 2011
Braden was holding out his right arm, ready to escape. Those picture gals sure know what they're doing! They had literally 2.5 seconds to capture a moment where Braden was actually sitting with Santa...and they did it! So Braden sat, took his picture....and then got his cookie! It felt weird giving Braden a cookie in front of Santa! I told Braden..."usually we give Santa cookies...but you can have this one!"

Here is last year's picture, this is the moment before he started crying...
Braden Meets Santa

And another, torturous picture with his cousins!
Braden Meets Santa

I'm sorry, I'm an awful mom...but that pic makes me laugh every time! I love it!

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  1. He looks cute anyway!
    Isn't one of the rules from the parenting handbook to traumatize your child by bringing them to see Santa?! We did the same thing this year! Will post the pictures as soon as I get them. EEP!

  2. Glad you got him to sit! We tried & there was NO way they were even getting close. Our picture is pretty awful, I need to post it.

  3. Cracking up! I love the crying face! So sweet! Good thing you Canadians have all that health care for the future therapy he's gonna need. Hee hee :-)

  4. It is a very funny picture and I am sure one that he will try to hide after you show the 5th girlfriend...lol

  5. Aw, he is still a huge cutie! Very apprehensive about Santa:)


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