Thursday, December 29, 2011

Braden is 23 Months Old!

Okay...this is the last time (as per my own rule) that I get to state his age by months! As of next month he shall be "2 years old"...until July when he'll be known as "2 and a half years old"! :) I still plan on doing my monthly pictures..."2 years + 1 month" will be how it will look in February. I'm inspired by Pyjammy for continuing to do this! So here we go: (for the record, I tried to take his picture on the 27th, 3 seperate times, but he is TOO smart to be bribed now. He HATES sitting down for tonight I knew he'd crawl right up his birthday suit. He's terribly impressed...can't you tell?)
23 Months Old
22 Months Old
New Braden things:
  • Getting so good at feeding himself! He's still not very coordinated with a fork/spoon, but he's getting there! Breakfast is best as he's most hungry.
  • Discovered he looooves to drink out of an open cup! We still do straw sippy in the AM for his milk so he can run around with it and have it to watch his cartoons
  • He is so affectionate, he loves to give kisses!
  • Often needs a kiss to make himself feel better if he hurt himself...especially if his feelings are hurt!
  • Getting really interactive with his toys now, gets right down on the ground to push around trains and cars
  • Can play quietly by himself in the AM which is so nice for us
  • Really likes his quite time, actually...he can only handle so much "busy-ness" then you'll find him quietly playing by himself
  • Loves, loves, LOVES reading and having books read to him. Faves are the Llama books, Dr. Seuss, Thomas, & Bob
  • He likes to be moisturized. He brings me lotion at least 3 times a day, I'll give him a bit on his hands and he'll rub it in!
  • Also loooooves to have his hair brushed!
  • New words: (it's almost getting hard to keep track, he's picking them up so fast, I know I'm missing!)
    • kiss
    • James 
    • Steve ("Stee")
    • GG (for his Great Grandma)
    • Lukey ("GiGi" or "Geeky")
    • Danika ("Daka")
    • Chaz
    • Cheerio ("cheeyo")
    • "Oh dear!"
  • Potty learning: He does still love to sit on the potty, we put him on it if he asks and before & after his bath...still at this point praying for a miracle! He does consistently bear down and often toots, but definitely doesn't get the concept of peeing yet
  • Clothes: Wearing 18-24 month pants which fit perfectly, size 24m/2T shirts but the t-shirts are starting to get snug, can still wear his 2T one piece sleepers, but the 3T fit him better and he's wearing those now too! In size 6 shoes because of his Hobbit feet!
  • Sleeping: Bed at 7 PM up at 7:30-8:30 AM, usually closer to 13 hours sleep total. Recently have discovered a harder time getting him down anywhere other than home. Uh oh!
  • Naps: from 1-3. Once a week or so he naps from 12:30-3:30 to play catch up a bit...I love 3 hour nap days! Going to introduce a pillow to see if he likes that.
  • Eating: Still eats most at breakfast, usually just snacks at lunch before his nap, and has been eating quite well at supper. Jay and I have been enforcing the "one more bite" rule, and he listens every time and he's getting much faster at just eating that last darn bite so he can be "ALL DONE!" We even can do "3 more bites" now.
  • Teeth: He got the bottom 2 incisors at the beginning of the month and 1 of the top ones in the middle. So 1 more incisor and he's been teething with his 2 year molars - ouch!
So proud of my big boy eating his cereal all by himself!!!
Trying some orange juice as a special treat with his pancake and bananas!This is probably my fave print ever!!! #Blueberry #clothdiapers
Putting dog kibbles into Scoop's back hoe!I said "good job, Braden!" he replied, "good job, Scoop!"
This also marks the last month with his beloved "soo" (soother). The only reason I've kept it this long is to help us with our flight to Maui. We're going to do it cold turkey after his birthday, I don't think there's any other way. If we explained to him it was "broken" and threw it in the garbage...he miiiiight get it, but I think we'll just say "no more soother". I know he'll adjust well, he'll still have his blankie. It'll hopefully just be a rough night or two and I know he'll be okay after that. Have any of you gotten rid of soothers with your kids? What worked/didn't? This is just a personal choice for us for him. He's getting more and more attached and I just want the darn thing gone!


  1. Our speech path will be very proud of you for getting rid of the soother and also for never using a sippy cup. Both very poor for proper oral motor development.

  2. he's getting so big!! we've got Tristan using the straw cups right now too and working on teaching him how to use a cup better, he's been doing it but he still makes messes so we're still working on it.

  3. We're bad with cups. Every straw cup we've owned leaks. And the kids LOVE open cups & actually do ok with the DRINKING from them. Its the remembering to set them down nice, or not jump while holding one... spills x3 that keeps us with sippies.

    As for the paci or soother, we ditched Livi's shortly after 1. The boys never had them. We did it cold turkey & it took us a week. The first 2 days were easy breasy, but day 3 she was on to us & PISSED! I don't think she slept ever, ever & screamed A LOT for the next 2-3 days. Finally she got tired & gave up. By day 7 or 8 it was like she had never had it. I had a co-worker who was ditching her 2 year olds paci the same week... hers went much worse than ours because her LO was so much more attached. Good Luck!!

    How is your grandpa?

  4. Sorry... I meant your grandma! Hope all is well.

  5. Yeah I'm surprised, Braden does really well with the open cup and actually DRINKS really well from it!

    Yeah, taking away a soother at 2 might be harder than anticipated...but it's happening!

    As for Grandma, thanks for asking...check for a post tomorrow!


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