Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Braden's Gifts

Picnik collage
Don't worry! This isn't all for Christmas! Some is for his birthday too. Here's what I have planned so far:

- Thomas tent, his big Santa gift
- Cat bulldozer flash light
- Cat excavator & bulldozer (not shown) battery operated toys
- Bob & Thomas DVD's for stocking stuffers
- Cat skid steer stocking stuffer
- Curious George bed time book [I actually decided to save this for later - maybe Easter!]

- Thomas battery operated wooden railway set (he'll LOVE!)
- Thomas power wheels
- Thomas stepping stool/storage box
- BOB skates (the double-bladed ones you strap onto their boots!)

Too much! I know I know! And there's probably stuff in my closet/hiding place that I have forgotten about! I did also order some Thomas wooden train set trains for cheap on MamaBargains.com that haven't gotten here yet, so I think I'll save those for next Christmas when he gets his train table. I'm hopeful that Braden will like Thomas for up to 2 more years - let's hope so!

What did you get your kid(s)? If you have a post I'd love to see it, link back or leave a comment!

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  1. I want pictures of when he sees that GINORMOUS thomas tent! He is going to flip his lid I bet!!!

  2. For the record Bob skates are pretty much useless and a waste. They don't teach a kid to skate at all, and they fall off every 2 seconds!

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  4. Grrr I got him the curious George bedtime book! I'm still giving it to him since I dont have time to get something else lol

  5. So Tristan has 3 little trains: Thomas, Percy, and Toby the Tram but they were donated to us. Lately he has started getting into playing with them more (along with his cars and other vehicles lol) so I got him a small stuffed Thomas and he sitting in the shopping cart when I grabbed it and he immediately started moving it along the cart handle :). So I decided to try and have him watch Thomas videos online and guess what... he loves it! I'm amazed lol.


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