Thursday, December 8, 2011

First Movie Night & Popcorn!

I have been a scared peds nurse when it comes to giving Braden popcorn. I think "they" say you can give it at age 2, but I know lots of friends and family have given their toddlers popcorn before then and they've all survived. I was just worried about aspiration I guess! But, with close supervision, on a chilly evening last week, I made Braden his first popcorn while we sat down and watched Cars as a family.
Picnik collage
He really liked it! He loves the opening 20 minutes or so of Cars and then he's off and on playing and paying attention for the rest of the movie.
His first popcorn and watching Cars! Cool!

And after the movie Daddy was playing Xbox, Braden found his controller (an old one that doesn't work) and plopped himself right by was so darling!
Xbox With Daddy
So I guess I was worried for no reason, and now Braden can enjoy popcorn as a treat sometimes!

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  1. YUM! I miss popcorn. Didn't have any while I was nursing G since it seemed to give her wicked gas. I should make some for myself as a reward for not eating any for 12 months! Love the pictures. Looks like he likes it! :)
    Have a great day!

  2. Pop corn too? Crap, I guess I will add it to the grapes and the hot dogs...

  3. The only thing I have heard about popcorn is the danger of the "old maids." Choking on the any un-popped kernels that might be in the bag.

  4. Popcorn can also get lodges in large tonsils and cause infections. I have large tonsils, but it's so not stopping me! I love popcorn and so do my girls!

  5. Look at him and his star wars shirt! Too cute! He is loving the movie and popcorn:) I gave H the first popcorn early too.


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