Friday, December 16, 2011

Toddlers & Trains

A Boy & His Trains
A Boy & His Trains
"Uh oh, Toe Toe!" Derailed!!
Coloring Toe Toe
Can I just say how much I'm LOVING this age? He is getting so engaged and interactive with his toys lately, especially with his Thomas Lego train set. I cannot wait to see his eyes light up at Christmas when he gets all his new Thomas stuff, and also for his birthday when he sees all his Thomas party decor! Squee!!!

Also it's Flashback Friday! This was one year ago (tomorrow) the first time we met the twins!! Look how tiny they were and how reddish Braden's hair was!
Me, Jay, & Braden Meet The Twins!
Oh I want a squishy newborn! It's so true! But be patient, now is the danger zone of having a mid-September mid-harvest no-help-for-Sarah baby! Don't wanna put myself through that! And 2 years ago...34 weeks pregnant with my little man!
34 Weeks
Have a wonderful weekend! Braden and I are off to Edmonton! Oh...and this:
Christmas Countdown



    I look forward to the time to get to play with our little guy! :)

  2. You looked great while being pregnant! Jealous.

  3. You look Fantastic pregnant!! Jealous!


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