Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just Some Randoms!

I haven't taken many photos of Braden's 24th month of life...so I busted out the camera the other day. Check out my cutie brushing his teeth...he would do this all afternoon if I let him!
Brushin' Mah Teeth!
Brushing Teeth
And then I thought he was being so good and taking his stepping stool back, then the little turkey used it to try and nab some potty treats!

Braden's New Year's resolution:
Loves our new iPad and is such a whizz!
iPad Fun
I've been growing his hair to see if it will curl...just this one popped up, but it was because of bedhead!
A Curl!
But no more curls, so we're chopping it off tomorrow! I'm excited to see his hair short again. We can't forget the doggy...
Pouty Face Husky
And Gus...
I'm ready for my close up!
I'm ready for my close up!
And our beautiful sunset the other night!
January Sunset
Like I said...random!