Friday, February 17, 2012

Blogger's Block

Let's be honest...I can't pull this off!!!
I am 100% stumped as to what to blog about these days, and I'm not about to start blogging about random, boring things just to have a blog post everyday, not part of my MO that's for sure. But I find myself like that in other parts of my life. I've hardly picked up my camera since we got back from Maui. I have, which is also probably why I don't have anything to blog about lately! Can you have seasonal affective blogging disorder? I know Lacey feels the same as me right now! Feels like nothing new is going on, but come spring...hopefully new things will arise!

So for about that red lipstick? That is honestly the first lipstick I've ever bought and put on. Like a real tube of lipstick, not just lip gloss. I felt like a vampire...really white skin with bright red lips! I wore it to Costco today - hah! It seems like there's a red lipstick movement going on in the bloggy world right now.

As I say TTFN, are there any suggestions you have for me as blogging topics? Comment away, I'm totally stumped! Some Flashback Friday pics for you... February 2011:
February 2010:
Rubber Ducky, You're The One!


  1. GAH I want to pull off red lipstick but I think I would look like a clown! Which brand/color did you buy?

  2. You just have to get used to it!

  3. Looks nice! You can totally pull it off!

  4. In addition to blogger's block... you have blogger year confusion. Pretty sure that last pick of bathtime Braden is 2010 & the first one is 2011?!

    I'm not a lipstick gal either, but I need to learn to be. Everytime I see a picture of myself I think I look so washed out & that a little lip color pop would make me look a little more alive.

  5. Not a huge fan of the lipstick (in general) but you can pull it off. That tub picture of newborn Braden.... sigh. Makes me want a baby - good thing I'm pregnant!!! Haha.
    You could do a post about the progress in your basement. Or make a fancy meal & blog it. Or take the cinnamon challenge....

  6. I love the color- red looks good on you. I could never pull it off. I love your blog so I am sure you can find things to blog about. Even it is just pictures of adorable Braden!


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