Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just a Silly Toddler Thing

I've heard of this happening. Toddlers choosing a "poop spot". Going in the same corner or hiding place every day to unload #2. This, I thought, was silly. "Oh! You should put a potty there! I bet they'll totally get the hint!" was what I told a friend who's daughter had a poop spot early on. Well...may I introduce to you...
Yup. Braden's Thomas tent is his official poop spot. Every time he needs to poop, without missing a beat you can find him in his Thomas tent. It's about the darn cutest thing ever too...if you can imagine! If you ask him, "Braden, do you need to poop? Do you need to make a stinky?" He'll simply reply, "no" even though we KNOW he needs to or is pooping!
Hat Obsessed Toddler
Over the last weekend though, he has finally started telling us "Mommy, stinky bum!" meaning "I pooped, let's go change this stinky diaper!" so that is progress. We are still not ready for full on potty learning, if he's anything like his cousin Luke, I imagine he'll be ready at the end of April, which will be perfect because I won't be working much anyway because Jay will be seeding. I can totally dedicate myself to potty learning/training!

Any tips for us? I certainly don't want to push him. He peed on the potty in Maui, hasn't done it or shown any interest yet. I cloth diaper (duh) and was wondering if I should buy waterproof trainers for nighttime when he's ready and for car rides when he's first learning. I believe in being in undies at home...but this is more for out and about stuff. Thanks!

P.S. Notice his cute Thomas hat? Crocheted by my Mom, aka Poppy - The Crazy Hat Lady. More info to come!


  1. Ahhh! This is so funny! Sorry, I don't have any tips for you, but I'm curious to see what people come up with.

  2. Hehe! Poop spots!
    Olivia's was in her room with the door closed. Hayden has one all of the sudden, behind the living room curtains. Logan is clueless. I think H might be ready to PT soon too, but both boys are our July agenda (after hopefully a June vacation when Jeff is home the whole month of July!) I need PT advice too because I didn't do anything for Liv. No advice on the cloth thing, we do pull-ups out & about with Liv & thats what we'll do for the boys too.

    After Olivia though, I will never PT unless my child is 100% ready. She was completely ready, understood it completely & trained herself!!

  3. Aww sooo cute! My son has no poop spot and no shame in running away from us when we are changing his pull up and yelling "naked butt". No PT trips here...we are still working on it with him and getting no where fast. He will go all day long at daycare but as soon as he walks through the door has an accident and refuses to sit on the potty. Sigh...I keep telling myself he will get it eventually but it takes so much patience, which after a long day at work I just don't have. I would say don't rush it. I'm still waiting for him to start telling me he has to go potty. I'm hoping soon the light bulb will go on.

  4. Luke never had a poop spot lol. I love that it's the tent.
    I never never put him in a pull up or anything in the vehicle. Didn't want to convey the message that 'it's ok for you to pee in the jeep'. He had a couple pee accidents but not many. The only time I used a pull up or diaper was if I expected him to fall asleep & nap.

  5. And this only works for boys, but I also kept a 'pee bottle' in the jeep, an empty water bottle. So if he really had to pee or if I wanted him to go before going into a store it was easy to stand him up on the seat & use the bottle. Easy to dispose of as well.

  6. Tristan's currently having none of the PT stuff. So we're going at his pace but it's getting more and more difficult to change his diaper when he never wants to stay still and lay down for it. I might switch to pullups (even though they're expensive) just so changes are easier.


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