Tuesday, February 21, 2012


In church yesterday, we were reminded that Ash Wednesday is upon us - the beginning of Lent. Lent, as defined by Wikipedia is:
"Lent also known as Quadragesima (Latin: Forty) is the Christian observance of the liturgical year from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday.
The traditional purpose of Lent is the penitential preparation of the believer – through prayerpenancerepentancealmsgiving and self-denial. Its institutional purpose is heightened in the annual commemoration of Holy Week, marking the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, which recalls the events of the Passion of Christ on Good Friday which then culminates in Easter Sunday, marking the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Often as believers it is a time that we can give up a "vice" to participate in Lent. I know it may not be the most meaningful thing to do, but I've decided to give up two things this year.

  1. Facebook
  2. Technology during family time

I have mentioned before my growing dislike of Facebook. I have chopped down my Facebook "friends" from 200+ to just 57. I figure if we truly are friends, you'll keep in touch with me not only on Facebook, but in our day to day real life too. I have deleted all but 2 of my high school friends, only my close work colleagues that I've kept in touch with, and of course my university friends. I find it only truly "necessary" so that I can keep in touch with these true friends and my family members that I don't get to see that often. Plus I'm still deep into my love affair with Twitter, you can find me over there! So, here's your official notice. No more Facebook from Wednesday February 22 until Sunday April 8 for me. Not even for the blog. I'll risk losing the traffic Facebook brings me. No more cell phone Facebook...nada. So be warned, I will not respond to any Facebooks until after Lent. Email me, tweet me...blog me!

The second was Jay's idea and I'm proud of him and totally agree. Often we'll sit down to watch a movie...and he's fiddling on his BlackBerry and I'm on the iPad or iPod. What is the point of spending time together if we're really not that into it? Also no more mindless TV or cell phones in bed.

Are you giving up anything for Lent?


  1. No more mindless TV or cell phones in bed.... sounds like a recipe for a sibling for Braden ;)

  2. Bahaha I was going to say that only leaves one other thing to do than sleep ;) ;)

  3. I can never give up fb or mindless tv. You will be my inspiration forever,lol:)

    1. Oh there will still be mindless TV, just not in bed!

  4. EEP! I'm not sure what to give up! We already gave up cable TV. I think like you I will give up technology during family time! That is a good one. :)


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