Thursday, February 9, 2012

These Are a Few of My Favorite Apps

Firstly, I have a confession. While we did get an iPad for Christmas...we actually don't own iPhones...yet! We are due for an upgrade at the end of May, so we're on the 3.5 month countdown. The ol' BlackBerry just ain't cuttin' it anymore. We've both actually lots of problems with our BB's just shutting off randomly and lots of apps not working or working fast enough. There's just no comparison to how well the apps work on the iPad. I do have an iPod touch and that's what I use around home to take all my Instagram (IG) pics with.

So withholding the obvious of IG, Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest...I give you my favorite apps, in no particular order!

Fertility Friend
I'm one of those gals who has to know what's going on, all the time...especially with my own body and cycle. Sorry, boys...this one's not for you! I chart my BBT every morning. I won't bore you with details but this awesome app helps me keep track of my chart and all my womanly goings on.

Awesome multi-social app that lets you browse through your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and Google Reader accounts and more. It's my favorite way to read up on blog posts.

Diaper Swappers (DS) Forum
If you're a cloth diapering (CD'ing) mama like me...this is an awesome app for references to anything CD related. They have many forums for all your CD'ing and parenting needs. This is where I have bought and sold many a used diapers too.

Shift Worker
BEST.APP.EVER. For nurses! Or...shift workers, as the app obviously states. I never ever use my calendar on my BB and I won't on my iPhone because this app makes it SO EASY to plunk in all my shifts. It's really easy to customize and is very visually friendly. Costs $1.99

Easy enough! I've been an eBayer for over 10 years now and this app is really easy to use and keep track of things.

Gives you daily "deals" of apps that are free for the day. I've found some neat ones that I normally would never have bought.
Canadian friends...great app! So easy to browse and list your used items.

I bought the full version of this and it's AWESOME! I love just having the iPad out in the kitchen, easy to use recipes online. Eventually I imagine all my cookbooks will be out the window and I'll get all my recipes online somehow. This app has tons of everything, the recipes are all well rated and pretty accurate I find.
This app comes in handy SO often when we are watching shows and movies and have questions like "WHERE is that guy from? I've seen him in SOMETHING I just know it!" I win lots of arguments with this app...but also lose the occasional one too!
You have to have a Netlix account, but this is AWESOME! I watched episodes of Breaking Bad in Maui at night and we just bring the iPad in bed to watch a show or movie if we're at a place with Wifi and nothing on TV! Works great for Braden too because there's Thomas & Bob a plenty!

Love this app for making diptics - photo collages! I use it all the time instead of posting 4 pictures of the same thing on IG. Costs $0.99 but worth it.

My brother had to teach me how to use this, but once you get the hang of it it's AWESOME for panoramas!
This one just makes me laugh. You can add a multitude of different styles and colors of mustaches on people!
Mostly use this on IG if I want some advice or want to share some words.

Add labels to your photos, also use mostly on IG.

Download the app, install the keyboard and use fun emoticons in your texts!

$0.99 but a fun app that has tons of seasonal wallpapers for your phone/iPad to choose from. Very girly!

At first..I really liked this. It is MUCH better than the Blogger app (sorry, Blogger) for writing posts. You can post pics between your text, insert links...pretty much do everything you can on a computer. BUT lately it hasn't been posting my blog I end up having to copy, paste, & email my blog I'm kind of on the fence about this one. Perhaps it needs an update. I also downloaded BlogWriter but haven't tried it yet.
What are some of your favorite apps - please share!!!

Coming soon...the toddler edition!


  1. I am the same way about tracking my ovulation etc. I had a perfect 28 day cycle before pg and I've been obsessive about it since; I just want to make sure everything is back in working order! Great tip on the app though! I'm definitely going to get it!

  2. Thanks for the cool apps! Some I have, but some I've never heard of. For Blogger on the iPad I like to use Blogsy. It is $4.99 but works really well.
    Off to the app store!


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