Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Child NEVER Shuts Up

And I love it! I really do. He is such a little blabber mouth. Still half toddler babbling, which I will miss so much, but half real words, & bonafide sentences! He can easily string together 6 word sentences now. Such as:

"Braden, do you want some Yop?" ~ Me
"Yes, I do! In a cup." ~ Braden

Easter 2012
No big deal. He's just talking and telling us what he wants. He is getting to be so interactive with his trains and cars and tractors, it's super nice to be able to enjoy my morning blog reads or do whatever I need to do in peace and quiet before I make him breakfast while he plays with his toys.
 Easter 2012
He also really loves to dance and to sing. He's starting to hum to songs and sings along, mimicking sounds of words. Most of the songs he likes are way too fast for him to follow along 100%, but he shouts out certain words and phrases like nothing. At the end of the Veggie Tales theme song, he closes his eyes and shouts "Taaaaaa-aaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaaLES!!" then laughs along at the end, for those familiar with the song.

He also loves to be silly and laugh. And is a bit OCD about having things closed:

Here is a video from today at lunch. His eating has improved so much since we took away his booster seat so he can have "his own chair" as he likes to say. Yes, especially at supper, there can be a lot of up and down, but he's also understanding a lot more that he has to come back and eat to finish "x" amount of bites.

Don't you love the "I don't know" at the end? *swoon* He is eating more meat now, still loves his fruits and veggies, and never turns down eggs or breakfast foods. Eats most at breakfast, lunch is touch-and-go, and so is supper. It seems to be getting better every day! Here's another "I don't know" from our trip to Poppy's last weekend!

Wearing 2T shirts and mostly 2T pants. I have to roll up 2T jeans, it seems like they'll fit him forever, he's still REALLY long in the body and yeahnosomuch in the legs! Will be wearing mostly size 6 shoes, but size 7 Toms & sandals this summer!

Potty Learning
Um, yeah...not so much. Actually, I know he's ready. But I plan on doing a post about that soon, so I'll leaving you hanging in suspense until then!

One other milestone looming in our future is the move to the toddler bed. All that have done it before me say it's not so scary, but I'm just not ready yet. I'm thinking we should do it before baby comes, because it's a big enough adjustment for him to be a big brother as it is without having the comfort of his crib to rely on!

Anywho, that's about all I've got for Braden for now! Ever since I stopped his monthly updates, I've been slacking on remembering to blog about him period! Bad mommy!


  1. Haha- he is so cute. I love the video- you don't know what town this is:) You go girl for potty training. It took me 3 years, 2 months to get H trained. I am hoping it will go better the second time around. I love him with his trucks- what a handsome boy!

    1. Yeah I certainly don't want to push potty training...I think if I lay off and leave it for a month, he'll be more prepared and ready!

  2. He is adorable! Hooray for talking!! love hearing about language development and hooray for open cups. Love the videos.


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